BS is a very fun game. I’m going to work on strategies and sleight of hand tricks over the summer to make myself the ultimate master of that game. I had this guy who was undefeated beat, but then he quit before he was beaten. He stalled until we had to get off the bus. GRAH!

Tomorrow: blog on “immortality”

3 thoughts on “BS

  1. ian

    i’m actually responding to that thing you wrote in march about how you wanted to be a guy that makes propaganda. admitedly this would be cool, but i really don’t feel it would satisfy your hunger for power. there wouldn’t be any face to face gratification. The guys that make the propaganda aren’t the ones that decide what it says. you’ve probably already thought about this, but incase you haven’t, do.

    it seems much more like the kind of job that someone like mr. peabody would like. puzzle after puzzle after puzzle. big ones. important ones. those are the people that make the propaganda not the power hungry ones. the power hungry ones don’t really have any power. they just think they do. thats why their in a political office, so they can’t screw anything up. it’s like a cage for them. keep um there until they die or the species falls into anarchy.

    yea, stay fat and keep on runnin.

  2. ian

    also, make it so you can make these reply boxes full screen. it’s like … down … down … down, “what? that word didn’t fit!” down . . down . . . down. and on and on and on.

    i can’t help it if you hate me.

    also try to make cookies, so when i go to reply it just already has name e-mail and url filled out.

    perhaps even a personalized greeting.

    something along the lines of, “go back to hell satin spawn” yea. that has a nice ring to it. yeah yea yeah yea. i don’t know


  3. steven kraft

    I think you made a good point and it makes sense that parents worry too much on just video games, but don’t let them tell you that video games are wrong, even violent ones!!!!

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