Daily Archives: September 25, 2003

Knowledge Diffusion

I don’t learn by normal methods… I operate on the principle of Knowlege Diffusion. The information contained in a book is a high pressure area, a source. My brain doesn’t have that information. It is a low pressure area, a sink. So, I just read a book, or listen to the teacher, and I just absorb the information. Then, when it comes time for a test, Knowledge Diffusion prevails again. The test paper is a sink, and my brain is the source. So, I just let the knowledge diffuse out onto the paper. It’s very simple.

The opposite of diffusion is active transport (as I learned in AP Bio… bad memories). Active transport involves energy. I don’t like using up energy. It makes me tired, and it burns me out. And then, I have to make sure the knowledge doesn’t diffuse out when it’s not supposed to, meaning I have to work hard to remember.

For me, that energy used in active transport often comes in units of worry. Worrying is useless because it doesn’t change anything. Stress is another unit. Stress is not good for the mind or the body. Knowledge Diffusion does not involve stress or worry. I just know the information.

Tomorrow: Commentary on the recall debate that I actually watched parts of, this time. Still to come: More on prayer.