Daily Archives: September 30, 2003

Out of Context Awards: September 2003

I think I may have forgotten some quotes, but, oh well, these should do:

Honorable mention: “Python! Cobra! Snakes! ssssss…” Verbal parts from a song we’re doing in band.

Another honorable mention: “No, we’re using pink… Check out this pretty color: aloe… Use black for death, no wait, use brushfire [an orange-ish color]…” – Some of my suggestions for colors to use on our chart representing how different factors relate to each other concerning poverty in Haiti. Only honorable mention since I can’t really pin it down to one quote.

Third place: “It’s LA versus California.” – Jason. A little verbal gaffe there caused by a temporary Las Vegas, Los Angeles kind of mix-up.

Second place: “Don’t worry, I won’t look in your window while you’re doing your homework and go ‘A-ha!'” Said by Mr. Fryman, regarding the usage of graphing calculators.

Winner: “If I were a bird, I’d so do you.” – Lizzie. During a football game, I was doing this whistle thing with cupped hands, with a flutter tongue, and it sounds a bit like a bird.