A Funny Thing About Weaknesses

Human beings are funny. We make up all these aliens and heroes and give them one major flaw. One weakness. Aliens that always seem invincible except for one weakness. Superman’s only weakness was kryptonite.

I don’t know why we come up with those things when we don’t have only one weakness. Practically every part of a human being is weak. You can get hit on the head, leg, arm, torso, and it hurts. Every part of the body is a target. Many places can deliver a killing blow, or incapacitate you easily. We only wish we were near invincible beings.

2 thoughts on “A Funny Thing About Weaknesses

  1. Josh

    Shawn…. DUH. That IS why we make up superheroes, to make us feel a little less pathetic and helpless. We ARE one big weakness. Why do you think some super-being that’s nigh-indestructible is so appealing? Because it’s so damn far out of our grasp, that it makes it incredible, awe-inspiring. And more importantly, it gives our little minds one more place of escape. The idea of being some uber powerful being that can do anything without batting an eyelash and saving the world over and over again all on his/her/its own is just there for the simple purpose of make beleive. Imagination. If we were all nigh-invincible, we wouldn’t make those heroes. There’s be no point. They’d be the exact same as us. Big whoop.

  2. Niklas Leroux

    Once, just once. I’d like to see the bad guy win.
    For Example,
    Care bears.
    One day No heart will massacre those fucking bears and blow all their loving shit up.

    Can we swear on here?

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