Violating the Main Principle of Cheating

Forget about the finer points of cheating, people can’t even correctly do the most basic principle of cheating: Not telling anyone that you’re cheating. Why tell someone that you can see their cards? Just to see them jump? Why give away your edge like that? I wouldn’t, and I don’t.

Then, even if one is successful with not giving it away at first, that person gives it away later. If you tell someone how they cheated, they’ll watch for it next time! So it helped you one time, what edge does it give you anymore? People will just brush off their loss since you cheated.

That certainly ain’t the way I play the game! I’ve graduated past that simple tenet and become a much more efficient and successful cheater as a result of it.

Note: The principle doesn’t only apply to cheating in card games, but my cheating does… or does it?

One thought on “Violating the Main Principle of Cheating

  1. Niklas Leroux

    I totally agree.
    When you’re a kid and you just learn the rules of the game of, Go Fish, for example. The point of this game is to get rid of all your cards. Now, as a child, say you do something wrong in the game and nobody notices, but it benefits you. You learn that you can sort of “twist” the game to your benefit. But if anyone found out they would say your playing it wrong. Now say this kid never gets caught playing Go Fish, ever. He goes through life cheating at Go Fish and other things. Cheating leads to Stealing, stealing leads to crime, and crime leads to a whole bunch of things. Okay but I’ve said this kid never gets caught. So, he grows up and learning everything he knows, he goes out one day and kills an entire family. He gets away with it, he goes home and plays Go Fish. Now this type of person would be called a Sociopath. And I’ve just proved every psychologist and sociologist wrong by that last statement. But if the case was he is a sociopath then I am right. Although people aren’t born to be Sociopaths. Some people say, “Oh it’s in your genes. So you have no choice.” What the hell are you talking about? I’ve just proved that this kid grows up cheating and you say it’s his fucking genes? Bascially, a sociopath is exactly in its name. socio, which is greek for society. Someone would say “So it’s society’s fault for him being a sociopath?” Partially yes and no. Society moulds a person, and in this situation it all started when the boy got away with cheating. Now you could say it’s his parents fault for not stopping him. But it’s too easy to blame the parents. Cheating is a fact of life, whether your smart enough to know how to use it or not is the case. A “cheater”, a professional cheater, knows how to cheat. That’s why theyre so good at it. But I’m not saying all cheaters will be criminals. Just in that specific case. Everything is based on morals. And if you cheat you have to ask yourself.
    Is this aginst my morals?
    If not, so be it. You’ll cheat and be content. Now, whether it comes into conflict with other morals is the question. That’s where society comes in. Let’s say you think cheating is right, but stealing is wrong. You can differentiate between stealing and cheating. Basically, society decides who you are , by affecting each moral you have indirectly. So it’s really up to you how far you want to go. I’m not a doctor I can’t diagnose you as a sociopath. I can only make you realize how important each moral affects the other.

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