China Launches Human Into Space

How does everyone feel? Someone please comment. Myself, I’m scared. Very scared. With this act, I truly see the US as a nation in decline, and China as a nation on the rise. Where man goes, weapons soon follow. It’s true that the US and USSR did not fight a war with space weaponry, but I cannot help but wonder about the future of the control over space.

Tomorrow: Not about control in space, but just about control

2 thoughts on “China Launches Human Into Space

  1. Niklas Leroux

    You know I totally agree with that. I am also very frightened by this technological advancement. The human race is trying so hard to conquer the unconquerable. But, I think before attempting to conquer this universe, we should solve the problems that exist on Earth first. Because out there, awaiting, is god knows what, and I just don’t think we, as a human race, are ready for this type of emmigration.

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