Every once in a while, I like to metaphorically take a step back, and then look at things. Lots of things are funny and/or interesting when you stop to think about it. Today, I was thinking about blinking. These flaps of skin flip down for a fraction of a second to moisturize your optical lenses. It doesn’t seem quite that efficient, but what other ways are there to keep the eyes moisturized? You never really notice when someone is blinking, but when that person hasn’t blinked for a while, then you notice it. Blinking is weird, but that’s what I get for writing about an odd topic towards the later hours of the night.

One thought on “Blinking

  1. Niklas Leroux

    I never really thought of it that way before. But as long as were on metaphorical topics. Isn’t it weird how you stare at something red, for instance, then you look at a white piece of paper and the after-glow is green. That’s the same for the other colours too.
    Red=Green and vice versa
    Orange=Blue and vice versa
    Yellow=Purple and vice versa
    Black=White and vice versa

    Man, I spend too much time looking at colours.

    OH Yeah about blinking….

    I was playing Road Rash 3 on my Sega Genesis™ and I guess I forgot to blink for awhile and then when the race was over I blinked and my eyes started burning and watering. Now maybe I was crying because I lost the race, or I hadn’t blinked in a long time.
    You decide.

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