Happy first day of the year 2004. Loved ya, 2003.

I actually manage to keep a majority of my New Year’s resolutions. It is because my New Year’s resolutions are more like to-do lists, than lists of improvements for general character foibles. I’m going to list mine here, so I can find them next year and comment upon them.

  • Get my driver’s license
  • Learn C++
  • Learn how to solo on trombone
  • Get 200,000 hits in one month at Psycho-ward.org
  • Finish one of my long stories
  • Get both French videos finished (subtitles and commentary, too)
  • Write and film Majestic, the Movie
  • Write songs and lyrics for that fake musical (don’t absolutely need story done yet)
  • Finish the stuff currently on my Coming Soon list at psycho-ward.org
  • Learn and memorize all of Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2
  • Update psycho-ward.org more often (the only one that’s more general)
  • Do at least 40 TPVs this year
  • Do at least 12 Majestic comics this year