American Idol and Agnoiology (Part 1)

American Idol is fascinating. What, me, watch American Idol? Yeah. I think you can all guess that I can identify with Simon.

Anyway, it’s funny to watch the people who suck. The fascinating thing is: How can these people believe that they are good singers? This is where agnoiology comes in. Are these people unpleasantly ignorant, or just plain stupid? How can they not hear themselves?

Maybe it should be mandatory for everyone to listen to themselves sing on a tape recorder. Can these bad people watch the episodes they’re on and still think they’re good? I just don’t understand it. Anyone else have any clue?

Oh, and I felt two earthquakes tonight. Around 10:30ish. Second one was bigger than the first. The first was just a jolt. Maybe there’ll be a third one, and school will be shut down. Yeah, I doubt it. But one can dream, can’t he?

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