Daily Archives: April 9, 2004

A Revolving Door

I’m concerned by a little revolving door that’s ruining the lives of everyday Americans. It’s called the “Video Game-Movie Industry revolving door.” The jobs are similar, so people can just assume that they can go back and forth between the two industries. However, they just don’t think about the consequences.

Because of what they’re doing, millions of Americans are subjected to a double-dose of bad television commercials. Movie commercials are the most clichéd, bland, unoriginal ones out there. There is no difference between the style of two different movie commercials. Hell, nine times out of ten, they hire the same guy to do all the narration.

You’d think since video games are newer, more innovative, and less linear, they could break this mold of horrible commercial-making. However, they don’t. They are practically exactly the same. There are only two differences that you find in video game commercials: the clips are CG, and the end shows company logos instead of “in theaters now”. How come they can’t do any better? I’ll tell you why: Because of the revolving door!

My fellow Americans, please do not condone this practice and this injustice against us.