WA Trip Update 2004

I’m now, after a 2 and a half day car trip from CA, in the Bellingham area, where my grandfather is in the hospital. He’s ninety-something, in case you’re wondering. Not really a vacation, although I’ve been calling it that. I’ll be back July 3, at the latest. (Because I have to leave again July 5.) Hope you’re having more fun than I am.

07/02/04 – EDIT: Originally put June 3 and June 5, hahaha! Thanks for catching that, Wenschel!

3 thoughts on “WA Trip Update 2004

  1. me

    time travel, eh?? WOWZERS!!!!! =P Just pokin’ you about a typo yo. See you when you get back, maybe…I might need to hit you up for some VB and C programming books…=D

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