Twice I Felt Renewed

I was on vacation for how long? Most of the summer, really. I was only back for one day between Washington state and Washington, DC. So, renewal is important.

The first time was when I got my back revitalized at the Discovery Store. They had this product called the Back Revitalizer, and let me tell you, you should buy it. Works like a charm.

And I guess hanging out with slightly different people exacerbated the revitalization. I liked my group at NSLC (the summer class thingy I took in DC) a lot, but we just weren’t clicking at that time. It was refreshing hanging around and talking with people who were more like those I knew at home. Click.

The second time was when I washed my hands in the river. I was at some river gorge in New Hampshire or Vermont — I don’t remember the name of the place. In any case, there is hardly any nature in the suburbia that makes up most of the Bay Area, which made that place a treat.

The whole trip was exhausting, and there’s something about nature that just renews you. It’s like instant meditation. Just being surrounded by all the trees and water brings your mind to peace. I particularly like the water. It’s constantly running, constantly being refreshed. The water you’re touching will never be at that same place again. The water just runs downstream. I let my troubles run downstream as well, off to who knows where.

One dip in that stream of constant refreshment, left me refreshed… even though I merely put my hands in there.

[I finished fixing all the links in my weblog, ones that go from one entry to another. At least, I hope I finished. I wouldn’t put it passed me to have forgotten a link, but I don’t feel like checking right now, so I’m done.]