To Not Pull a Grover Cleveland

I guess I should warn you that I’m going to Las Vegas today. I don’t know how often I’ll write in this weblog whilst I’m gone. But never fear… I will be back again.

Let’s revisit the Grover Cleveland scenario…

That was fun thinking back in history, but it seems as if people have shorter attention spans. In four years, will people even remember who Bush is? Here we are, getting news up to date to the second, in this day and age. I think this constant barrage not only shortens our attention span, but overloads our minds. Even if all my reasoning is wrong, the American people still have a notoriously short attention span, and I am seriously doubting that there is even a tiny tiny remote chance Bush will run in ’08 if he loses this time around.

Plus, there’s this issue of rebranding that I found via kausfiles.

So, I’ll reiterate, it was a fun exercise of the mind, but that was all.

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