Do you go to my high school, ******? If so, you should come to the football game this Friday. Why? See me Drum Major, conduct the national anthem. See Jazz Ensemble perform “The Jazz Police” at half-time. The pep band is going to be uber-cooler… we’re going to play “Yeah” and more pop songs as the season progresses. Leave suggestions for songs here.

2 thoughts on “Football…

  1. Biff

    we should play “wipe out” because it’s incredibly easy and cool (you can’t beat basic blues changes), and the title is appropriate for the way the last football game went.

  2. Anonymous

    sheesh what a bunch of band geeks…WAHOO! jk “The Jazz Police”??? Man, I gotta hear this one. ;)

    you should play that one song…you know, the one with those notes and rests in them? Yea, that one.

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