regarding the whole “blog-gate” matter

This article, “Blog-Gate“, from the Columbia Journalism Review, has been popping up all over the blogosphere.

My summary:

“Rar! Weblogs are evil! Republicans write Republican blogs; this must mean they are part of some vast conspiracy! People who tell the same version of a story are suspicious. CBS didn’t do its job, but it’s those darned weblogs that are the villains.”

My favorite line: “When the smoke cleared, mainstream journalism’s authority was weakened. But it didn’t have to be that way.” Hmm… Yeah, and maybe it wouldn’t have been that way if Mr. Rather and company had lived up to their responsibilities as journalists.

Oh wait, but it’s not their fault… Mr. Rather trusted his producer, and his producer trusted her source. I forgot all about that! Wow, I’ve been in the wrong for so long! It’s not their fault at all! But don’t worry, they’ll find the real villains, even if it takes so long that, by the time they find’em, everyone will have forgotten about this story! In the meantime, let’s just blame those darned weblogs.