Daily Archives: July 11, 2005

back on the weblogging track, perhaps

My goodness! Last time I went on vacation to Las Vegas, I had a gigantic comment spam problem. I couldn’t do anything about it except turn off commenting. I had to wait until I got back to install the new version of Movable Type.

Well, this time, it works the first day I’m on vacation, and then my weblog goes kaboom. For some reason, it’s saying nothing is configured for this website. I play around, find out the files are all still there. The weblog is still there when I access it as a subdomain, but everything after June 6 is deleted. Interesting, that was the time I made my server change. But why did it wait until now to stop working?

I wanted to delete the domain and then do the add-on thing again, but I decided to postpone it until after vacation because I was afraid I’d lose all my e-mails.

When I get back, I do that. For some reason, all the files and e-mails are all intact, as if nothing had ever happened. Of course, my problem still exists, as if I had done nothing.

So, I’m disgusted. I wake up the next morning, and somehow, everything is magically fixed. And by everything, I mean the agnoiology.com address is working and all the entries after June 6 are still missing.

Luckily, I’m an intelligent bastard. When I first found out my website wasn’t working, I went to Google and found the June archives and old index cached. I copied all my entries.

I start copying them in, and I’m about 5-6 entries in, when I get an Internal 500 whatever error. If any of you are using Movable Type, you may notice a little news update on that. It has something to do with an error or something in cPanel, which my webhost has provided for me.

I was going to send an e-mail to my webhost, but I figured it’d be too much work, and I really wanted to play Black and White, which I’d just recently rediscovered.

After I made it to the fourth island, which is really the first one again, I decided to try this weblog thing again. (That’s a lie. First, I finished Book 7 of The Brothers Karamazov.) Maybe it would magically fix itself.

Lo and behold, all the entries that were lost, I’ve now inputed. And now, this entry explaining all that has occured. I did lose one comment, however.

Yet, the little news headline said the 500 error problem was intermittent. Maybe it’ll attack again. I’ll send an e-mail to my webhost tomorrow.

For now, I’m back on the weblogging track, perhaps.