Daily Archives: May 14, 2006

Finals, argh. Plus: More on Bush’s Upcoming Speech

I have an econ final on Monday and a Political Philosophy final on Wednesday. Both are going to be a bitch. There’s a Slate article on immigration that I really, really want to rip apart. I hope I have time enough later today to write about it, but don’t be surprised if I don’t.

By the way, an article on the New York Times also stresses the Bush and border security angle:Bush to Unveil Plan to Tighten Border Controls. I’m still ambivalent as to whether Bush will really stress border security or not. With a quote like this from Senator Mel Martinez: “A good strong statement on border security is the best thing he can do.” If he’s not convinced Bush will push border security, I’m not convinced.

I’ve been worrying about Karl Rove lately, but it seems as if he might still know his stuff: “But Karl Rove seems determined to secure the border, and I like the focus on results right now” (said Representative Kevin Brady). I wonder if he got away from the investigations enough that he was able to do something with immigration.

We’ll all see Monday. This could make or break Bush.