Summer Facebook Status Listlog

We’re off for summer, so I’m surprised to see that people are still updating their statuses on facebook. It’s especially surprising since the status expires after like a week, so these should be up to date. Here’s the list, bit of summer facebook pointillism…

  • Anna is dying in Texas heat. Ugh.
  • Jude is with the sun.
  • Marcus is exhausted.
  • Ying is back from Alaska/Canada and boy does she have a lot to say aboot it.
  • Shana is loving summer.
  • Dave is spelunking.
  • Arash is back in baltimore.
  • Mark is going to party hardy.
  • Michael is at home.
  • Winnie is sunburned only on her shoulders from warped tour and is hoping her aloe vera gel works.
  • Robert is alone…
  • Heather is the lady in red while everyone else is wearing tan.
  • Kate is writing letters & addresses are lovely if you would like to share.
  • Keshav is putting a picture of Midas as him!
  • Jaclyn is craving Chipotle.
  • Gloria is somehow managing to live on her own.
  • Emerald is finding that it’s hard out here for a pimp.
  • Raphael is sleeping with a kitten on his toes.
  • Molly is watching the world cup… go italy!
  • Kalpana is watching World Cup Soccer 2006 Germany.
  • Monica is going to Lisboa, Portugal!!!
  • Steve is still recovering from the Def Leppard concert.
  • Amy is crying coz of worldcup finalz.
  • Frances is very happy! :D.
  • Stevie is at Cal.
  • Alex is tending to the sea and the things in it.
  • Cameron is partying on his b-day.
  • Padma is ..
  • Sean is at the pour house watching the game.
  • Cassie is losing faith in her favorite store of all time, Macy*s.
  • Paige is goin to see her love july 12 <3.
  • Grace is at home.
  • Jeff is pissed at computers that die by themselves.
  • Eric is teaching k-6.
  • James is wanting something else to him through this semi-charmed kind of life.
  • Nick is lamp.

Ah yes, and me? I recently updated my status as well…

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