Daily Archives: September 13, 2006

Every move is still a killing move

Sometimes, it’s important to re-focus. As of late, I’ve lost my sense of purpose. I’ve no goals.

I’ve set my eyes on a big prize, but I haven’t thought any steps through yet.

How can one become a great sword-fighter without any practice?

I must practice life as if it were a skill I had to hone.

I must re-focus.

I’ve been adrift.

I must set achievable goals.

I must do more than dream.

I must define my grandiose visions.

I must keep my eyes on my goals.

I cannot grow complacent. Complacency is my biggest enemy.

I’ve been living my life defensively.

I need to go on the attack.

I must be aggressive.

I must find passion.

I must be tenacious.

Do not lose track of your purpose.

However, you must focus on the “how” more than the goal.

Go. Go. Go.

Do not falter.

Every move is a killing move.