Daily Archives: September 15, 2006

The Best Thing about being half-Asian

I remembered when I was 12-13 or so, just in the beginning stages of puberty. I totally wanted facial hair because it seemed so grown-up. Shaving seemed like a marvelous rite of passage, or something.

Now, that I’m older, I realize that shaving is a hassle and… well, it sucks big time.

Luckily, I have some Asian genes in me, so I am not very hairy. Some hair on the chin. Some hair on the upper lip. Some hair between the chin and lower lip. No hair on the cheek. Or actually, at one point in time, I had one hair on my cheek. I thought it was an eyelash or something, and then I realized it was attached to my cheek. It was freakin’ hilarious.

The hair that does grow doesn’t grow very fast. I can go days without shaving. It’s fantastic, but it would’ve made me sad when I was little.