Daily Archives: September 17, 2006

The Surreal Debate on Torture

Are there any other Republicans out there who find this debate about torture surreal? I haven’t listened to talk radio since I got back to JHU, but I’m sure the right-wing is furious at how the Left and Powell and McCain and more are “terrorist-sympathizers.” I just can’t imagine how we got to the point where my party would endorse torture. But I will fight, for the soul of the nation, and the soul of my party.

I tend to see the world in less shades of gray than many other people. I’m not so naive to see the world in black and white, but now you know a little more about my worldview. Torture is wrong. We don’t torture child-rapists and serial killers. We shouldn’t torture this other brand of killer, especially not if they’re US citizens or residents.

I’m just surprised that the group that tends to see things more black and white — that at times actively criticizes those who don’t see things in black and white — can only see shades of gray when it comes to torture. Like I said, it’s surreal.

At this time, I think the pragmatic front is the best to fight on. Convince people that torture will not prevent another 9/11, their fear will disappear, and then they won’t let it cloud their moral judgment. However, I will also be making a moral argument in the coming days.

I’m behind schedule on the College Republicans web site. I wonder what they’ll think if I finally get the blog up and running, and I start it off criticizing torture… Would they attempt to run me out?