Is College Hurting My Education?

There are so many things I want to learn. Perhaps it’s just my inefficient time management, but I haven’t really been able to do much outside reading, aside from keeping up on the news. I need to read more presidential biographies, texts related to democratization, etc. Of course, I had time to do this over summer and all I got done was essentially one, albeit large, text on the Marshall Plan. (The other book I never finished because I didn’t find it very useful.) It’s rather disappointing.

There’s no doubt I’m learning things in college, but I’m doubting the model of learning. I mean, I like lectures. They teach me so much I couldn’t find in the text alone. Still, I don’t feel like I can properly immerse myself in topics I really enjoy.

Right now, despite my provocative blog entry title, I’m thinking it’s more me than the college experience. I just need to learn to prioritize (among other things). The biggest problem is that when I have a big project looming over my head, I can’t get anything else done. I feel as if devoting time to these side projects is bad. But then, I just end up wasting the time anyway. What’s the difference? Perhaps, I should stop procrastinating.

At least I managed to drop a class. It should be easier to find some type of balance now.