Stay the Course

Stay the course!

“The American military’s stepped-up campaign to staunch unrelenting bloodshed in the capital under an ambitious new security plan that was unveiled in August has failed to reduce the violence, a military spokesman said today.

“Instead, attacks have actually jumped more than 20 percent over the first three weeks of the holy month of Ramadan, compared to the previous three weeks, said Gen. William Caldwell, the military’s chief spokesman in Iraq.”

Ah, but I forgot this from the New York Times, so therefore it must be left-wing liberal bias trying to destroy American resolve in the war. Yes, that’s it.

Remember, everyone: Stay the course! George Bush is a courageous genius!

0 thoughts on “Stay the Course

  1. Lloyd Nebres

    Funny… I was actually going to quote that very same passage on my weblog today.

    But, instead of doing the obvious and poking fun at the tenuous grip on reality of Dick “We’re Making Remarkable Progress” Cheney, I was going to go for a snotty cheap shot…

    …pointing out the tenuous grasp on English possessed by a writer (and his copy editor) of the country’s most renowned newspaper. I.e., they seemingly don’t have a clear idea of the distinction between the words “staunch” and “stanch.”

    While “staunch” is, odiously enough, coming to be an acceptable stand-in for “stanch,” the latter word is far more accurate in the context used. Ye can look it up. ;-)

    As I began to blog, I realized that all of the above was irrelevant drivel… and found myself writing about something (I hope) more meaningful and subsantial.

    So, how goes your youth movement?