Daily Archives: February 11, 2007

Fishy Hillary Sentence

This sentence, from this story, seemed fishy to me:

The formal entry to the race framed a challenge that would seem daunting to even the most talented politician: whether Mr. Obama, with all his strengths and limitations, can win in a field dominated by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, who brings years of experience in presidential politics, a command of policy and political history, and an extraordinarily battle-tested network of fund-raisers and advisers.

I see where it’s coming from, but Bill Richardson brings much more to the table than Hillary in terms of the first two categories. He was Secretary of Energy, which if I’m not mistaken, might be more important than First Lady. Furthermore, it’s not as if Obama does not possess “a command of policy and political history.” In my opinion, it’s the third category that sets her apart from the pack… well that, and $$$