Genocide Marketing

Who is the dimwit who came up with this name for a facebook group: “Invite Your Friends to Make Genocide History in 2007”? I can’t help but snigger every time I see it because I think that you’re being invited to be a part of a genocide. Not that genocide is funny, but it does not really make sense to have a group in favor of genocide. Now, I know that this group is not pro-genocide, but “making genocide history” sounds like you’re trying to break the world record for genocide.

Does anyone else think this group name is ridiculous, or am I just crazy? You can call me crazy, but only if you looked at the title above, “Genocide Marketing,” and immediately thought that it must refer to “Anti-Genocide Marketing.” If the title made you pause and think “what?” for even a millisecond, then you know what my reaction to that facebook group is like.

And now I realize that it’s to make genocide gone, but that seems rather dubious given human nature and their focus only on Darfur. Sometimes, a genocide is a civil war in which one side is winning really badly. But I’d like to see how anyone plans on ending genocide when they’re not intent on military intervention.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that words matter and marketing matters. Everyone who has successfully agitated for change has understood that.

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  1. Andrew

    Genocide Marketing: The art of making genocide acceptable to the American public and you. By picking a civil war like Darfur, and declaring it is “genocide” the Whitehouse and its business partners are able to get your support of the other genocides.

    Genocide’s top villian is the United States, Not the people, government, or corporations of the United States; but a small number of powerful corporations and individuals who have been able to manipulate the US government into foreign policies to enable profiteering of genocide since WW-II.

    One victim is West Papua (West New Guinea), the loot is that nation’s gold and copper which the Bechtel built Freeport McMoRan mine has been digging up for the pass forty years. Unfortunately Mobil and Chevron owned 60% of the NNGPM company which during 1936 discovered the world’s richest gold & copper deposits were in West Papua. The geologist named it “Ertsberg” – Mountain of Ore – and the company unable to get a mine license for the country, kept Ertsberg secret.

    Then in March 1959 the New York Times revealed the Dutch had discovered gold was flowing into the Arafura Sea and were searching for the mountain source of this gold.

    Soon Rockefeller’s Freeport Sulphur was asking a Dutch company for a partnership via which to lodge a claim for the Timika (Ertsberg) area as a possible copper deposit. After the Indonesian military proved unable to take the territory itself, inside the White House a McGeorge Bundy and Robert Komer began telling Kennedy that he had to force the Netherlands to sell the people and lands of West New Guinea (West Papua) to Indonesian control.

    The rest is history. Including Bechtel and Freeport’s support of George Bush for the 2000 election. As too was May 2003 when news reports telling of another ten Papuan towns being decapitated (yes, beheaded) and burnt to the ground by Indonesian militia forces were being published in the Australian media. Before the world media could respond to these latest attacks, the media’s attention was stolen by White House claims that Darfur was ‘genocide’ even though no legal opinion had supported the claim. What we learnt a year later, was that the Yale Law School was conducting a one year report titled
    “Indonesian Human Rights Abuses in West Papua:
    Application of the Law of Genocide to the History of Indonesian Control”

    No wonder George W Bush wanted to dis-arm the word “genocide”, and distract the anti-genocide movement with Africa before that report was published.

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