YouTube will transform debates

I just wanted to get this prediction on the table before events happened. We will revisit this after primary debates and the presidential debates.

I predict that YouTube will radically transform the way we view the debates.

I am extremely confident about this.

Note: I plan on utilizing YouTube to its fullest extent when any debates roll around. With any luck, I will be one of the persons helping along that transformational process.

0 thoughts on “YouTube will transform debates

  1. Anirudh

    I don’t think I have the time and bandwidth to sift through thousands of videos of cats and world of warcraft, and some asian kids lip-syncing to an 80s pop song to find a presidential debate.

    Not to mention the absolute trolls on the comment sections of the videos “boo! fake! this ain’t the real McCain”

  2. Lloyd

    Uhm, isn’t that part of what Shawn is suggesting when he says he’s “helping along that transformational process”—i.e., acting as a cat and warcraft filter so you won’t have to? ::chuckle::