The Revolution in our Midst

The world speeds up a little more, Book Not Ready for Print? You Can Whip Up an Audiobook for a Podcast for Now:

“We didn’t break out Champagne because we weren’t selling tens of thousands, but we certainly broke out the sparkling water,” Mr. Sterling said. “We are accustomed to working with product cycles one measures in months, but in this case we were working with a product cycle of days and even hours.”

This is what the future will be like. Breakneck breakthroughs.

The article seems to portray this as a neat little gimmick to help promote book sales, but I think that this incident is indicative of something larger. The world is speeding up. Soon, we will be moving at a frightening, disorienting pace. (If you think we’ve already reached that point, prepare to get even more dizzy.)