Daily Archives: June 3, 2007

Democratic Debate, New Hampshire

I was going to write something long about the second Democratic debate, but this debate format is ridiculous. We can’t learn anything. If every issue could be summarized in a minute or less, being president wouldn’t be a full-time job.

All we are left with are impressions. I am not voting for a candidate based on an impression.

That said, I will give you my impressions, for what it’s worth.

Obama had a great moment when he criticized Wolf Blitzer for his question. And to go back to the previous debate, I read commentary that he stumbled when asked what he would do during a hypothetical attack. The first thing he mentioned was emergency response and I applauded that. Obama appears grown-up.

Edwards appeared a bit slick at times. I think he scored points with the anti-war left by going on the attack against Hillary and Obama.

Hillary did better than I will ever admit publicly. But if you want change, she’s not the candidate of change.

Biden impressed me with his passion.