My Opinion of Ron Paul

I watched parts of the last 30 minutes of the Republican debate. I have no interest in watching the rest of the lies.

Here’s a clip with Ron Paul speaking about preemption. I find it utterly bizarre that Republican candidates for president would even consider preemptively launching nuclear weapons at Iran.

Ron Paul should be a fringe candidate. But it shows how far the Republican Party has fallen when he’s the only one who makes any sense.

0 thoughts on “My Opinion of Ron Paul

  1. Bob Slossar

    Help! Crazy people have taken over my party and they won’t give it back!
    Just read your comments on last night’s debate and Ron Paul. I agree with you, the discussion about preemption was bizarre. When only 1 candidate makes sense its our job to vote for him. I now have a Ron Paul bumper sticker on my car!