A Modest What?

The New York Times has this article on Michael Bloomberg, which contains this offending tidbit:

Which opens the door to a Swiftian modest proposal, one that might appeal to any billionaire independent presidential candidate who knows the art of a deal: Rather than try to win the White House outright — a long shot — an independent candidate could instead try for a king-making (or queen-making) bloc of votes in the Electoral College.

John Swift’s original “A Modest Proposal” satirically referred to eating Irish babies. So, I’m kind of confused about how this is Swiftian — unless my satire-detector is completely off. Yeah, it’s a Swiftian modest proposal, if you also believe that Alanis Morissette understands the word “ironic.”

[Disclaimer: I am only harping on one thing. I make no other claims about the article, the author, or the media, or whatever.]