Updating Movable Type

I’m installing a new version of MT today. Because of the weird issue where my index page keeps reverting back to January 30, I’m going to be deleting MT and then reinstalling it, instead of just upgrading. Hopefully, everything comes out okay. See you on the other side.

EDIT: Here we are at the other side, version 3.35. I’ll be fiddling with templates later.

EDIT: Man, I can’t get my template junk to work right.

0 thoughts on “Updating Movable Type

  1. Anirudh

    I’d sincerely suggest that you move to wordpress. It has support to import from movable type, and I’ve worked with both platforms extensively and found wordpress to be much more stable and efficient, with better spam control. Every comparison that I’ve read unanimously favors wordpress.

    god I feel like a girl scout selling cookies.