So Frazzled

When I met my friend for lunch today, she asked how I was and I replied, “Frazzled.” It’s been a crazy week. I spent all of Sunday working on code for my programming class. It’s generally not a good idea to cram a week’s worth of work into one day. Then, on Monday I got Brawl for the Wii. My roommate and I stayed up all night playing it. The next day, I had to study for a test. Of course, at that point, the program was crashing with my test programs. It was a frustrating night where I spent several hours on what I eventually fixed with adding only one line of code!

Anyway, how is this relevant to you, my dear reader? Two things. One: This is why I’m behind one entry in my goal for 31 posts in March. Many sleepless nights will do that. Two: The hunt and peck method may not be the most efficient way to solve your problems, especially programming. Unfortunately, life does not come with a debugger.

By the way, Obama won Mississippi, but it does not count as a win because it has too many black people and it is not a “big” state where Clinton runs against uncommitted.