Daily Archives: March 14, 2008

Parting shot

But before I leave…

I’m generally positive about humanity, but if an alien race judged us only by Youtube comments…

i dont wanna be a faggot or so but i had a research about bob marley in my school…and bob dident die by ” brain cancer ” … he had the cancer in hes foot… and he whas stupid and dident let the doctors cut off hes big toe cuz he did wanna play football with hes childs… uhhmm a nice option but verry bad… CUZ BOB U COULD BE HERE WITH US RIGHT NOW IF U WOULD CUT OFF URE FREAKING TOE!!! *** Rest In Peace Legend ***


I have a little bit of time to blog before they kick me out of my room (damn on-campus housing). Then, I’m off to Spring Break!

I want to talk a little bit about the direction I’m going to take with this blog. I like what I’m doing so far, as far as updating more regularly goes. I’m getting back into the habit. I like the guest post, and I want to get my friends more involved.

What I definitely do not want to do is engage in analysizing the psychology of any candidate. I can’t get into their minds and so, I should not speculate on that. It should be a general rule that I will not engage armchair psychology. Even if I read multiple biographies, this blog will contain no attempts to get into the minds of candidates. For example, Sullivan attempts to paint Clinton as somewhat sociopathic. I will not profess to know the general psychological motives of others.

What I can do is question judgment on certain issues. However, the lack of judgment defaults to only applying to that issue. If I want to say that the lack of judgment means a lack of judgment in other issues, even if those issues are related, I will have to give a justification for that leap.

I want to start making posts that contains links to my daily online reading. I mean, just the links and no commentary.

I also really, really want to embed YouTube videos of TV commercials and comment on them. That should be fun.

Finally, I want to migrate political and pop culture commentary onto a new blog, while cross-posting everything onto this blog and keeping personal stuff on this blog.

Just notes. Next post will be from CA. See you!