Daily Archives: April 16, 2008

On the Surge

I wrote an op-ed for my school newspaper about the disaster that is the troop surge.

I hesitated sharing it because I do not think it is particularly well-written. I’m not really sure if I know enough to be commenting like that. Furthermore, while the second line is biting, I do not like it.

Book Signing

I went to Glenn Greenwald’s book signing today in DC. They ran out of books, though, so I didn’t have anything to sign. Still, I got to hear him talk and I got to meet him. That’s worth more than any signature in my estimation.

I plan on purchasing his book very soon. I have a feeling it’s going to give me a good framework in which to work.

Note to self: When you go somewhere, make sure you check when the trains get back. Also, expect a delay whenever dealing with trains.

I was totally stranded at the train station and then in the train. I tried calling people, but most of them didn’t pick up. To be honest, I really wanted to call Lloyd because he actually knows who Glenn Greenwald is, but I don’t have his number.