The Gunfight Analogy

The Obama campaign released its documentary on the Keating 5 scandal, which John McCain was directly involved in. I think the move is genius. You can analogize all the negative campaigning to a gunfight.

There’s Senator McCain (this summer) firing wildly. Obama ducks behind the bar. McCain continues to fire wildly. Everyone encourages Obama to stand up and trade bullets, but Obama stays in his spot. McCain runs out of bullets (he’s re-using old attack lines). Then, Obama stands up. BOOM. Keating 5.

0 thoughts on “The Gunfight Analogy

  1. Lloyd

    It rather depresses me that the Obama campaign has to resort to this kind of “eye for an eye” politics now.

    I wish Obama just focused like a laser on the economy and just hammered home the message that he’s the candidate who can lead us out of this wilderness. A majority of those polled believe that now, at any rate. While it’s the case that the Keating video does touch on economic matters, it plays into the whole narrative of slimeball politics that is the sole remaining gambit of the McCainiacs.