Daily Archives: October 16, 2008

Josh’s Story

Weirdjosh: I have a story with a simple beginning
Weirdjosh: come with me on a journey
Weirdjosh: My arms are sore
Weirdjosh: from last night. while I was here, I had to go up to the server cages to do some work, as you might expect
Weirdjosh: but I had forgotten something downstairs after I unlocked the door and started setting up
Weirdjosh: so I had to go back down, and before I left I locked up
Weirdjosh: problem: I had taken the keys out of my pocket and put them on the console to keep them from digging into my leg while I moved around
Weirdjosh: and neglected to put them back in again when I left because I was distracted by having forgotten that thing
Weirdjosh: so now I’m outside of a locked cage with the key to the cage inside
SCHIZO KILLER: excellent
Weirdjosh: I’ll have to paint you a better picture before I move on
Weirdjosh: these cages I’m talking about are fenced in areas of a building filled with racks of servers. there’s about 12 or so racks in cage two, each of which must hold at least 20 servers if not more
Weirdjosh: the room itself that contains these cages has a very high ceiling with exposed air conditioning ad wire racks because they need to be maintained and worked on so often
Weirdjosh: so the fences go up to the height of a typical size, but the ceiling continues on above it, with rafters and stuff all over
Weirdjosh: so I quickly assessed the situation and realized I had a choice
Weirdjosh: I could call Brian at 2 am and tell him I’d locked myself out and could he please come and bail me out
Weirdjosh: or I could climb the cage myself and get the stupid key back, and hope that security didn’t think that was too weird
Weirdjosh: you may well guess which I chose based on my story’s beginning