Daily Archives: October 24, 2008

The Palin Effect

Surprisingly, I’ve been talking to people, and McCain’s selection of Palin has made a huge difference — a big negative effect. I spent a lot of time emphasizing that the VP pick doesn’t really make a difference, so that’s why this was surprising to me. Then again, you don’t expect a campaign to be so scatter-brained as to pick someone they hardly vetted. This is the GOP. They sacrifice the long-term for the short-term. They’d sacrifice their morals if they could win a news-cycle. Sarah Palin was all about winning the news cycle and taking away Obama’s post-convention bounce. It worked, but afterwards, McCain has been tanking in the polls.

Now, I’m not a polling outfit. I only called so many people, and they weren’t exactly randomly selected. However, it was interesting to hear Palin’s name come up unprompted when I asked who they were voting for. She really was a deal-breaker for people who might’ve given McCain more of a chance. One of my friends admires McCain a great deal (ever since 2000), and Sarah Palin was a strong factor in his decision.

Still, if you look at the empirical data, you’ll see that the Palin pick does worry a lot of people. [Note: Find those polls.] [Another note: I will probably not go back and find them.]

I never would’ve guessed that a Vice President would make that much of a difference.

The Things I Do For My Country

I have some sort of illness. I don’t think it’s a cold because the only symptom is a cough. Thus, I think it must be the SARS. Anyway, I’ve been spending my time today calling lots of my friends, encouraging them to vote for president and vote no on prop 8. After my last call, I erupted into a violent coughing fit. Geeze, the things I do for my country. Don’t tell me I’m not a patriot, Sarah Palin.