Liveblogging 2008

9PM – CNN won’t call AZ for McCain right away. HAHAHA! I don’t expect Obama to win that state, but this is a good sign for the national trend.

9:21PM – McConnell wins his tight race. *sigh* That would’ve been a good win for the Democrats.

9:26PM – O-H-I-O! Woo!

9:31PM – No Republican has won without Ohio (in a long time or forever, I don’t know)

9:34PM – 200 Electoral Votes for Obama, from MSNBC. I’m currently watching Fox News. This is a “center-right” nation, lol. “Obama will try very hard not to press a liberal agenda,” says Kristol.

9:38PM – Talking with Lloyd on AIM. New Mexico called for Obama (hence the 200), and it looks increasingly unlikely for a McCain victory. I’m still waiting on NC, IN, MO, or FL.

9:41PM – “To call it a narrow path is generous…” says Chuck Todd.

9:44PM – 200 for Obama still. California has 55. Oregon has 7. Washington has 11. That is more than 70. It’s over, I think. I swear the math isn’t right. I can’t believe it.

9:54PM – With more results from “fake” Virginia, the race is tightening. So said Lloyd a bit back. Almost time for Daily Show/Colbert coverage.

10:39PM – @ 11PM, it’s going to be called, when polls close in CA, WA, and OR.

11:15PM – Daily Show had the best sketch ever!

11:15PM – Ladies and gentlemen, we have witnessed history. America, for the first time ever, has elected a half-white president. It gives hope to half-white people like me, who hope to be president one day.

11:19PM – Concession speech. Keep it classy, McCain.

11:34PM – McCain was gracious. Thank you for dropping the demagoguery at the end.

So far, Obama has 333 electoral votes. It’s a landslide, folks. We’re not far off from my 375 prediction.

11:45PM – Prop 8 is leading. Damn.

12:27AM – Before I say good night, one last thing: U-S-A! U-S-A! I love this country.

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