Daily Archives: December 12, 2008


Crazy dream:

I was walking around my old high school campus with a friend of mine. (Note: This campus was nothing like my real high school, but way to go dream logic.) We would periodically stop outside doors and just listen in to what was going on, trying to spy on the kids. Would recognize any of them?

Eventually, we walked outside, then back in another door, and found a waffle shop. It wasn’t a separate room or anything. It was just plopped in a hallway, more like a food shop that you would find in a mall. On top was a large menu of various waffle options. The counter was made of white tiles, along with a small strip of red lights. Behind the counter was just one Hispanic lady in her 40s who didn’t speak very good English.

At first, I saw an option on the menu that said “Napoleon Waffles.” I really wanted to know what type of waffle that was. When I came for a closer inspection, that item didn’t actually exist. Still, there were a wide array of mouth-watering options. Each menu option had a delicious picture of waffles smothered with different fruits and syrups. One that stood out was covered in cinnamon apples. Also, bananas and pecans. Mm. I decided against those, though, because they seemed so familiar and I wanted something new. I remembered a recent delicious trip to IHOP.

There were also some more curious, unique menu options. There were tiny, half-dollar sized waffles that were marmalade-flavored. At the counter, I also saw red waffles, about half the size of normal waffles, which were labeled “Hot!” Apparently, those were spicy waffles.

What does this dream mean? I’m pretty damn sure that the waffles are a metaphor for waffles. I am craving delicious waffles.