Avoid Being Defined

On the shuttle ride back from the mall, I talked with a former classmate of mine. He thought I was a Computer Science major. We discussed the internet and identity fraud.

In my Roman Republic class, I talked with a different former classmate. She thought I was a political science major. We had taken a course on Machiavelli together. We discussed history.

An old high school classmate thought I would do something with politics and the world. She never would have imagined me being a philosophy major or teaching.

One of my uncles always tells me that I look like a professor.

I recently had lunch with my friend, and she noticed how The Chalkboard Manifesto touches on a broad variety of subjects. I said it probably had to do with all the different classes I’ve taken. Upon reflection, I think it says something about my identity. My interests are wide, so my art reflects that.

For some reason, I’m really proud that it’s hard to put me into one category. I want to live my life such that I am very hard to define. I didn’t realize until now that I had a pretty good start.

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