Daily Archives: February 15, 2009

A Different Michael Phelps

The idea that Michael Phelps was forced by his sponsors to apologize to the Chinese people, just because he smoked some pot, is ridiculous.

Imagine a different Michael Phelps. Imagine if he had rejected the sponsors who demanded self-immolation. What if he had called a press conference and unapologetically said, “I did nothing wrong.”

When we’ve got more people in jail than any other country, there’s something wrong with that, not with pot-smoking. The War on Drugs is a tremendous waste of money. California’s prisons are overcrowded, while we also face budget problems.

Imagine if Michael Phelps had said that we need to legalize marijuana. Imagine if he had called an end to this ridiculous prohibition. That would’ve been inspiring. Not 8 gold medals inspiring, but inspiring in a different way.

Instead, we have him prostrated and apologetic. And the farce continues.