Daily Archives: May 4, 2009

Stumbling Towards Graduation

This is what I originally wanted to post on the TCM Blog. It’s over-sharing on that blog, but not this one, so enjoy:

I want to give you an update on what my current plans are for The Chalkboard Manifesto, which will require some amount of information about my personal life. If you don’t care, feel free to skip the post. The short version is that big changes will probably be happening after this month. Now, to the long version.

I’m nearing the end of my undergraduate education. I’ve finished my last class, and I just have to make it through finals. This will keep me relatively busy. After that, I’ll be even more busy. I have to make time to connect with the important people in my life because this will be the last time I see any of them for who knows how long. My family will be coming to celebrate my graduation with me, and I’m really excited to spend time with them. I’ll also have to deal with moving across the country — packing, shipping, cancelling the cable, and all that stressful stuff that comes with moving. Like I said, I’ll be busy.

Before all that, I will be working on a buffer so that updates will continue as normal. It will be a hectic time, so even with the buffer, I will use at least one vacation day, and maybe up to 3. I’ll probably let you know at the end of this week what the deal with vacation days is going to be.

After that, well, I don’t know what the hell is going to happen. The long-term plan is to make this comic into my main source of income. The medium-term plan is have a job and work on the comic too. The short-term plan is job search plus working on this comic. While I search for a job, I will be working on this comic as if it were my full-time job.

So the short-term future tentatively involves new features and experimenting with the art. It involves number-crunching on my part to actually see what would happen with merchandise.

But like I said, I don’t know what the hell is happening job-wise. So I’m not ready to promise anything yet, except…

I can promise you that post-graduation, I will be spending a lot more time on this comic than I ever have previously.