Daily Archives: October 27, 2009

Two Items

Item 1: After an atrocious 1-4 start, The Banana Grabbers have come roaring back with two straight victories, jumping from 8th to 6th place. I’m also 3rd place in points for. The stars were perfectly aligned. Ray Rice had a monster game. DeAngelo Williams and Ryan Grant faced crappy opponents for consecutive weeks. I picked up Miles Austin for this week, and Shiancoe last week.

Item 1a: Right call, wrong result. In poker, sometimes you make the right call, but the cards don’t go your way. I benched Vernon Davis, only to have him explode for 3 TDs. Of course, these came after Shaun Hill was benched, and the 49ers went to a spread offense. With the terrible play in the first half, it was the right call. I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted such a drastic change in play-calling… and really, hats off to Alex Smith, I never would’ve expected it.

Item 1a.2: Right call, wrong result. Leon Washington scored me zero points as a flex. He got injured, which you can’t predict. His backup, Shonn Greene, had two TDs. All I want to say is this: Leon Washington is more explosive than Greene.

Item 2: This anything goes after 5PM rule, for internet usage, isn’t working at all. Anything goes from 5PM-7PM, and then again after 10PM.