My Halloween costume was a ninja-pirate-fireman.

  • Ninja mask — $0, borrowed from Stevie
  • Ninja shirt — $0, long-sleeve black shirt from home
  • Ninja pants — $0, black pants from home
  • Ninja sword — $0, borrowed from Stevie
  • Ninja socks — $0, black business socks from home
  • Ninja shoes — $0, my old all-black marching band shoes
  • Pirate eye patch — $1.99, bought at Spirit
  • Pirate cutlass — $3.99, bought at Spirit
  • Colorful parrot — $0, borrowed from Richard
  • Pirate belt — $0, brown belt from home
  • Fireman’s helmet — $5.99, bought at Spirit
  • Fireman’s jacket — $2.99, yellow jacket from thrift store plus duct tape stripes

I was excited about the entire outfit, but I’m particularly proud of the fireman’s jacket. I searched through several places to try to find a fireman’s jacket and the only one I found would’ve put me back over $50. Instead, I found a yellow jacket at a thrift store and then put duct tape on it. I’d like to think that I’m tremendously creative, but I put out a question on the facebook about fireman’s jackets and Sarah had the great idea to find an old jacket and put electrical tape on it. In fact, the entire outfit couldn’t have been done without help from my friends, because they helped me both with the execution of the idea and in procuring items for me to use.

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