Out on a Limb Follow-up

2/3 on my predictions. Won my fantasy game and Favre threw two picks. (The reasoning behind this was that Arizona tends to show up for big games.)

My fantasy football team was 1-4 and is now close to being 8-5 (not official, but I don’t expect Mason Crosby to outscore Ray Rice and Ryan Grant by 40 points). There also have been some upsets lately, and I’m about to become the #2 seed in a four-team playoff. I’d rather have been the #4 seed because I really, really don’t want to have to go up against Drew Brees again.

Waking up early helped me this week. I benched DeAngelo Williams and started Roddy White, and then switched the Saints kicker. Injuries are worrying me. Hopefully I haven’t lost Williams and DeSean Jackson for the rest of the season. Especially with Roddy White going up against Revis week 15. I’m benching him that week.

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