New Laptop

Just got my new HP G60t laptop in the mail. I was expecting it to ship today, not arrive today. For once, a pleasant surprise; I’m not big on surprises.

My last laptop was on its last legs. The battery was going bad, and my laptop had started to smell like it was burning when it was running. It was so bad last night that I literally feared my laptop was going to catch on fire. I shut it off and haven’t turned it on since.

This laptop is pretty awesome. My old laptop couldn’t even handle running Opera and Firefox at the same time. Now, I can run all that — and more! I still have yet to test its upper limits, but I did manage to run all 5 browsers I had installed (IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari) at the same time.

Right now, I’m busy downloading programs that I’ll need. I’ve already installed GIMP, FileZilla, and AIM. Next up: OpenOffice. Because I don’t want to spend a bajillion dollars on MS Office.

Afterwards, I’m going to play with connecting my laptop to my TV via HDMI cable. That’s after House, though.

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