Poker and Value

Online poker is a transfer of wealth from the ignorant to the savvy. A professional poker player qua poker player doesn’t create any value or do anything meaningful. While poker can teach good lessons (as can most games and sports), it isn’t a great career choice.

I’d have to categorize poker differently from other spectator sports (using the term “sports” loosely). While I can admire football for its athletic aesthetics, it doesn’t inspire me to go out and become a football star. Poker, though, inspires millions of idiots to lose their money. So the sharks get more fish in the sea. It makes the tournaments tougher to weather, but I suppose overall it is a net benefit for the savvy.

If poker is your thing, I’m not going to knock you. I love the game too. But I have to make things in order to be happy. I have to add value to society.

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