Opera 10.51

Well, Opera’s at 10.51 now and it’s pretty sweet, except I have a few complaints.

1) Ctrl-z doesn’t work on the Speed Dial for reopening the last tab. I set up the ctrl-shift-t shortcut to ctrl-z to take care of that.

2) Opera 10.50 was extremely slow behind the proxy at work. I had to make a change to the config, but the average user would just switch to a different browser. It makes me sad because I love Opera.

3) Search bar gets squished when I put my Delicious bookmark next to it. Still have to report that.

Other than that, I love the update! Especially all the CSS support!

EDIT: Here’s how to fix the proxy issue: http://my.opera.com/community/forums/topic.dml?id=433781

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