Class Warfare

Is our partisan-centric news coverage blinding us from class warfare? It’s rather interesting to view recent events using this lens. Take a peak at Enron and the recent recession, where execs are raking it in while jobs are still hard to find. You’ll see an economic elite profiting by screwing over the middle class and poor. Moreover, it’s the result of collusion and incest between government and private corporations. You could consider this class warfare. From the other end, you’ll see what’s often characterized as anti-government sentiment, but there’s also a lot of anti-corporate sentiment too. The bailout left a lot of people pissed off at government and corporations. Now consider the recent incidents of political violence: the Pentagon shooting and Joseph Stack’s terrorist act. From the lens of class warfare, you can interpret the violence as acting out against an economic elite.

I’m not saying anything definite. It’s just something to seriously ponder, at least.

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