I remember when broadband meant freedom. With a faster connection, you could get everything done faster and spend less time on the internet. If it’s always on, you don’t have to wait for it to connect. Of course, instead of freeing us, broadband turned us into the internet’s slaves.

I know there are products that block the internet for periods of time. I wonder if introducing more barriers would be effective. What if I had to wait a minute for your internet connection? Would I use the internet less? My instincts say yes. When I made Opera stop remembering my facebook password, I stopped signing on facebook as often.

I wonder if I could take this further. I used to limit internet time because it tied up the phone. What if the internet tied up my computer? I mean, what if I could no longer multi-task and was just tied to the browser (and maybe a word processor)?

I need to tie myself to a mast to elude the internet’s siren calls.

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